Seriously…WTF with this guy?

This is a picture of Dominic Smith debating on whether or not to tell his manager that he is experiencing discomfort in his right quadriceps.

Maybe he had some reservations. He was just benched for showing up late on Friday. Now he has to tell his new skipper that he’s hurt?

Well, he eventually decided to come clean and will have an MRI Monday to determine the severity of the injury.

Lagares. Bruce. Now Dominic Smith.

Tim Tebow also suffered an ankle injury, but I don’t have the time to talk about every time a Quarterback gets hurt. This is a baseball blog.

Dominic Smith has quickly become public enemy number one among Mets’ fans this off-season. The chances of him being named the starting first baseman on opening day just became a lot more slim. Now, he’s gonna need a clean bill of health and Jeff Gillooly.

Dominic Smith is a really intriguing case. The weight. The motivation. The work ethic.

What’s this guy’s deal, man? I was very encouraged by the slim figure that emerged after all the criticism aimed at Smith this winter. Every time I hear him speak I instinctively root for him.

Showing up late on the first day though? Your general manager stating publicly that you didn’t win the first base job is one thing. Did you really need an alarm clock after the team signed Adrian Gonzalez?

It was starting to seem like 2017 never ended. But at approximately 1:50 pm…

I know. I know. It’s only spring training. We were playing the gutted Marlins. I don’t even remember the name of the pitcher that was on the mound. But that missile Yoenis Cespedes hit over the left field wall was just what we needed today.

The second Cespedes made contact with the ball everything felt like it was going to be alright.

Robert Gsellman looked great. Jeurys Familia looked ok. A.J Ramos looked good. Rafael Montero actually looked fantastic. If he’s gonna be here we might as well root for him. I guess.

Todd Frazier really just looks like he’s gonna be a great fit. I love the way he carries himself. Amed Rosario had a couple hits. Mets smoked the fish 10-3. Here’s the box score. It was really just a good day.

Hopefully, reality doesn’t hit too hard next week. Jay Bruce downplayed his injury. The Mets downplayed Lagares’ on his behalf. Matt Harvey, Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard pitch the next three days. Degrom will pitch closer to the weekend.

Can Dominic Smith be healthy and wake up though?