Be Careful What You Wish For

So, this year the Mets wanted to be a little more transparent with the reporting of player injuries.

And…We’re all freaking out!

It started this weekend. Juan Lagares had a “minor” leg injury, and Jay Bruce had a sore heel. The injuries were downplayed, and fans were assured that the team was just being cautious.

The next day it was reported Sleeping Beauty (Dominic Smith) would need an MRI on his right quad. Then we received word that Yoenis Cespedes has a sore shoulder. Oh. By the way..Jacob deGrom has a back issue and might not be ready for Opening Day.


Ok. Before we jump out the window here.

Jay Bruce played Tuesday, as expected and even got a base hit. The MRI did not reveal anything serious with Smith’s quad muscle, and he has resumed running. Juan Lagares was seen yesterday running at full speed. Jacob deGrom reportedly felt great after his bullpen session yesterday.

Alright. Maybe it’s not time to jump out the window just yet. Perhaps the team is just being much more open with the reporting of player injuries and these are just minor bumps and bruises. It’s been said repeatedly that the club is just being cautious and everyone (except maybe Smith) would be playing if it was the regular season.

Ahhh. It’s so hard to accept things at face value with this team though. Yoenis Cespedes experiences this shoulder pain every spring? Even Google is not aware of that. He could have just kept it to himself every year. Maybe this new open door injury policy encouraged him to come clean? I don’t know, but we need him. This is a man who never missed time due to injury before joining the Mets, so I’m just a little worried is all.

As previously stated, Jay Bruce and the team downplayed his injury and he did play Tuesday. Where is this plantar fasciitis coming from though? It was reported so matter of factly like it’s just something he deals with, but even Google said “this is news to me.”

I’m going to put my trust in Mickey Callaway and the new regime. The team is being transparent and I can appreciate and respect that. I don’t think fans need to know about every nick and cut. It would be nice to find a balance though, because we can all agree the old way of doing things was atrocious.

Player removed from game.

Everything is fine.

Player out for year.

Is there another fan base in existence that just assumes players will be hurt as much as ours? When other teams construct their roster the assumption is everyone will stay healthy. It’s insane. Also, please don’t tell me about our new training and medical staff, when players are still working out with Barwis.

I know what I just wrote is just me bargaining with myself out loud. I’m sure you can relate though.

While we’re on the topic, Anthony Swarzak’s MRI revealed a calf strain. He doesn’t consider it very serious. To be fair…how would he know? He’s never been injured before joining the Mets.

Before we get out of here.

Has a 101 MPH fastball ever been so exciting and so scary at the same time? Syndergaard was electric against the Astros. Was he ramping it up too early in the 2018 campaign, or is he just that good?


UPDATE: Yoenis Cespedes will play DH and Jay Bruce will play Right Field today. That makes me happy.