Please God No

Not this again.

Mets fans woke up today to Juan Lagares news. The gold glove centerfielder was reported to have tightness in his leg and missed his second straight game today. He still worked out and will reportedly play next week.

Manager Mickey Callaway downplayed the whole thing and said that he would be playing if it was the regular season.

There is also rumblings that his new swing isn’t ready for game situations. If you haven’t heard Juan has been working with swing guru Craig Wallenbrock. The idea is to change Lagares’ launch angle and put the ball in the air more.

Lagares is arguably the best defensive centerfielder in the National League. In 2014, the season where he won the Gold Glove award, he hit .281. That was also the only season where he played the entire year.

This news was an initial shock and stomach punch. Everyone who has been around Juan this spring have been singing his praises, so we were all very excited to see him in action. Let’s just hope that the Mets are being overly cautious and everything is fine. (Because what else can we do?)

Above is a picture of Jay Bruce saying “Stop! Don’t put me in the lineup.”

Jay Bruce has a sore heel and will not play until Tuesday.

By the way… He’s been dealing with plantar fasciitis.

Oh? Well, that’s news to me. Was he dealing with it when we signed him to a three year deal, essentially moving Michael Conforto to centerfield?

This is concerning.

I’m just going to hope that this is the Mets being cautious and everything is fine. The problem is I root for a god damned cursed team, and after last year I’m like an abused puppy.

Dominic Smith returned to the lineup today and reached base twice. Slick fielding second baseman Luis Guillorme hit a homerun to dead centerfield which is a very very interesting development. Guillorme is apparently Rey Ordoñez at second base, so if he is developing power…Oh my. Just look at those hands.