Baseball Is Back (Kinda)

I know. We still have more than a month until the season starts.

Turning on SNY today at 1:10 and hearing Gary Cohen’s voice though?

Music to my ears.

Give me Spring Training baseball over Hot Stove any day of the week. Split squad, inter squad, players with jersey numbers in the 90s. I’ll even take nine innings of Tebow.

After an excruciatingly slow off-season filled with endless debates and projections, it was just nice to see our Mets on the field.

Exhibition or not. I just think everyone was ready for a little baseball.

Everyone that is except for…

After being ripped to shreds all winter about his weight and work ethic..

After the Mets went and signed Adrian Gonzalez..

Dominic Smith decided to show up late to the ballpark. New manager Mickey Callaway was not pleased. He called it “a little shocking” that Smith would be late on the first day of games. The Mets skipper decided to hold Smith accountable and remove him from the starting line-up.

Come on, Dom! I’m rooting so hard for you. I don’t want to see Adrian Gonzalez playing first base for this team and you’re our greatest hope to ensure he doesn’t.

It does feel like baseball is back though, doesn’t it? At least from the perspective of a Mets fan. More dysfunction. More ridiculous headlines. Welcome Mickey.

Oh yeah. There was a game today. The Mets defeated the Braves 6-2 sparked by a huge 8th inning rally.

Who cares though?

It’s just Spring Training.