The future is bright.

The present and immediate future? Hazy. Blurry. Dim. Foggy. Clouded.

Long term though? Future is bright. Gotta wear shades baby. 😎

If Steve Cohen hadn’t come along, it’s doubtful we’d be here right now.

What if the Wilpons were still in charge? Yikes.

We’d probably be watching Robinson Canó play second base every night.

Would we be in position to secure a 100 win season like we are now?

Probably not. Right?

It’s hard to say.

How many teams are actually trying to win in this league right now? 11? 12?

How many teams are legitimately trying to win a championship and not just collect streaming money?

All jokes aside, Fred and Jeff could have assembled the 2022 version of the 2013 All-Star team and had a magical, against-all-odds type of season.

But, hey. If the Mets win their final series against the Washington Nationals (not a certainty, by any means) they will have won 100 games in a season.

That is a feat to be celebrated.

The Mets played for almost half the season without their two top pitchers. They got absolutely no production from their DH or catcher spot.

Winning 100 games as a team for the first time since the late 80’s? That’s pretty impressive.

You know what else is impressive?

The 2022 Mets, who might win 100 games for only the fourth time in franchise history – A team who clinched a playoff berth last week have found a way, despite all that, TO MAKE ME ABSOLUTELY SICK TO MY STOMACH.

This team had the treasure map. They had the answers to the test!

Here’s the Nationals. Too much trouble? Here’s the Cubs. Wait, what? You got swept at home? Ok, just win one game in Atlanta and you’re still in the driver seat.

Hey, take a few days off. Rest up. Get Starling Marte healthy and then take care of business against the Cardinals or Phillies.

Nope. Wouldn’t it be more fun to battle Yu Darvish and then go on the road to face the Dodgers? Hey, by the way, we are probably going to have to use our aces in the Wildcard series so get ready for a Carrasco or Walker start in Los Angeles, too. If we get past Yu Darvish, that is.

Not like we are a guarantee to appear in the NLDS at this point.

What an awful September.

The 2015 Mets? They were fun.

You know what I miss about them? They would go down a few runs and you could just shrug it off. “They’ll come back.”

Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe would drive in a few runs and then you’d wait for Céspedes to tie the game or take the lead.

You know what the opposite of Johnson, Uribe and Céspedes is? Darin Ruf, Daniel Vogelbach and Tyler Naquin.

To be fair, Vogelbach and Naquin did have a few moments down the stretch, but my point still stands.

A few years ago I compiled a list of my favorite moments from 2015, which you can enjoy here.

The best part of 2015 was being left for dead, time and time again, and coming out on top.

2022? We get a run or two in the first or second inning, leave the bases loaded and then watch as Patrick Corbin or Adrian Sampson put up zeroes the rest of the game.

That’s how it’s felt in September at least.

So, I don’t necessarily know if we are dead right now. I mean, in a few days we will be playing in the postseason.

But, we did just get murdered in Atlanta.

Just like that, LOLMets are back.

We had worked so hard to shed that stink of being embarrassing, dysfunctional choke artists. And one three game set in Truist Park brought it all rushing back.

Remember, the Marlins were very close to ending our NL East title hopes just a few days ago. They rocked Carlos Carrasco in game one and we were losing the second game 4-0 before Eduardo Escobar played hero.

Somehow, the Mets came back to win that night and the Nationals actually defeated the Braves! The Mets were headed to Atlanta with a lead in the division.

The Mets had to win ONE game to secure the tiebreaker against the Braves. They had Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer and Chris Bassitt lined up.

I’ll be honest. I would have liked to win Friday night in Atlanta and then get embarrassed in the final series against the Nationals.

Losing the NL East like that would have been easier to swallow.

Instead, we handed the division to the Braves on a silver platter in their ballpark. On national television.

We just proved everyone right.

LOLMets is still low hanging fruit for national and local media. Guess what? They aren’t going to stop swiping at it any time soon.

Why would they?

10.5 game lead! Mets lose to Cubs and Nationals! Mets get swept in Atlanta! Braves beat deGrom and Scherzer! Collapse! LOLMets! BOBBY BONILLA!

The Mets have managed to make themselves the butts of everyone’s jokes while on the verge of securing a 100 win season and a playoff berth.

Truly impressive.

What’s funny is that two vintage deGrom and Scherzer starts this weekend would totally change the perspective.

Then we would travel to Los Angeles and September would be shoved in our faces again.

The future is bright, though.

Ohtani? Judge? Anything is possible.

We just cannot seem to escape our past.