Someone Tell Buck and Eppler We Are In A Pennant Race

First things first, this is not a collapse.


Sure, we are off to a bad start against the “easy” part of our schedule.

Going 3-4 against the Nationals, Pirates and Marlins?

Not ideal.

But let’s put things into perspective.

The Mets are 87-52. They are all but assured a playoff berth.

The problem is the Atlanta Braves. The problem is the 10.5 lead in the NL East the Mets once had which has evaporated into dust.

The other problem is the LOLMets narrative the media is desperate to cling to.

Don’t expect anyone to give the Mets credit for maintaining their first place lead into September while the Braves have gone 64-24 in their last 88 games.

Also don’t expect anyone on Atlanta’s schedule to help the Mets by actually beating the Braves because that has turned out to be a losing proposition.

No. The Mets have to take this division because it will NOT be given to them.


Hey, Billy. We are in a pennant race.

All Terrence Gore can do is run. All Deven Marrero can do is field.

I understand that Gore can be valuable going forward. I’m sure Marrero is gone once Luis Guillorme returns. But these two players are taking up bench spots while the offense has gone mostly dormant.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to pinch hit for Tyler Naquin tonight? Did anyone think he was going to come through with a hit against a left handed pitcher?

Explain to me like I’m five years old why we should be giving Darin Ruf at bats instead of Mark Vientos.

(Also explain to me why we traded 4 players for Darin Ruf.)


Hey, Buck.

Overall, the bats are a little cold.

Luckily, the starting pitching has kept us within striking distance most games.

Why have you consistently punted when we’ve been trying to mount comebacks late in close games?

Even with the offense struggling there’s been little glimmers of hope. The Nimmo home run against Pittsburgh. The Alonso home run against the Marlins tonight.

We creep a little closer and then out of nowhere we essentially surrender.

Adonis Medina? Two innings out of nowhere from Montes de Oca? The literal definition of waving the white flag by bringing in Joely Rodriguez. TIME AND TIME again?

Tonight we go to Joely Rodriguez trailing by one run. After the Marlins extended the lead to three runs (big surprise) we go to Edwin Díaz?

Make it make sense.


I wish the fans would panic a little less and I wish the Mets front office and manager would show a little more urgency.