What Bauer Means For The Mets

(Photo: Adam Hagy / MLB Photos via Getty Images)
As we’ve known all off-season the Mets have been connected to  free-agent starter and reigning Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer.

Now, reports from Jon Heyman and Mark Feinsand show that the Mets have indeed made an offer on the right-hander.

Since the Francisco Lindor trade, interest in Bauer has died down dramatically. That Mets 2021 payroll is around $180M at the moment so signing Bauer would most likely put them at or over the luxury tax at $210M, something new owner Steve Cohen wanted to stay under. They also would still have to address their bullpen and center field situation.

Do the Mets need to sign Bauer? No. Their rotation is still one of the best in the game right now and will receive a huge boost once Noah Syndergaard returns from Tommy John Surgery.

Fans would argue they should go out there and sign Jackie Bradley Jr., Justin Wilson, James Paxton, and Alex Colome. Those four might end up being the same price as Bauer would make for 2021, and all could be had for a lot less years than Bauer would get.

Now, if the Mets go out and sign those four players I just mentioned are they favorites to win the World Series? How about the National League? Maybe the National League East? Let’s face it, none of the moves really wow you or put you over the top.  So my answer to that would be, no. Does it make them a better team? Sure. Is it the difference between Wild Card contenders and World Series contenders? No.

So back to the first question; do the Mets need to sign Bauer? No. Does signing Bauer make them serious World Series contenders? Yes.

The Dodgers didn’t need to trade for Mookie Betts. They already had a powerhouse of an offense and a solid outfield. This is what winners do though. They build great teams and then make moves that put them over the top. Bauer puts the Mets over the top.

Their rotation would be Jacob deGrom, Trevor Bauer, Marcus Stroman, Carlos Carrasco, and David Peterson to start the year.  Then, when Noah comes back, your five-man rotation is Jake, Trevor, Thor, Stro, and Cookie. That’s the best five in baseball. By far. 

When your rotation looks that good can you excuse not adding another set-up man? Well, you’re going to need less innings out of your bullpen. Can you excuse having the second worse defensive center fielder in the game? Well, they have to hit the ball in order for the defense to be needed.

So what does Bauer bring to the Mets. In many eyes, a World Series victory.