I Trust The Plan

I do not think this ship is sinking.

But if it does? I’m going down with it.

Hey, it’s been a nice voyage, after all.

We upgraded at catcher. We upgraded the rotation. We upgraded the bullpen. To say we upgraded at shortstop would be the understatement of the century.

We got Francisco Lindor!

Also, um. We have arrived in the 21st century. We have competent people in the front office. A front office, that doesn’t include Jeff Wilpon, by the way.

Sure, the Jared Porter saga was embarrassing. I’m disgusted he was associated with our club for a minute, let alone 37 days.

But, we move on.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that it wouldn’t be incredible to have George Springer in this lineup.

For a few years, anyway.

Remember two years ago when Met fans were going crazy over AJ Pollock? He was essentially the only center fielder available that winter. (Sound familiar? No offense Jackie Bradley Jr!!) We just HAD to have him. AJ Pollock or bust.

He was listed as a left fielder last week on MLB.com.

The Mets made an offer to Springer. Toronto gave him a sixth year. I wish them both luck. Did I go into this winter wanting Springer in Queens. Yes. Can I live without him after acquiring Lindor?

Damn right.

Listen. I get being upset about Springer. But Brad Hand? Brad Hand?!

Ooh, that velocity is headed in the wrong direction. Hey, he could still be effective.  We do need a left handed reliever, too.

But the Mets made him an offer! He chose to pitch in Washington because they promised him the closer role.

“Same old Mets” because we didn’t let a thirty year old relief pitcher call the shots?

This team is MUCH better than they were in 2020. I don’t think that’s up for debate. And I don’t think we are done this off-season.

If the Mets decide to close up shop and go into the season as is, then I’ll come back here and apologize.

Sandy Alderson and Steve Cohen know the team has holes. They aren’t going to leave them unfilled. Let this play out. Let’s get a concrete decision on the Designated Hitter, and our front office will go to work.

Stop listening to people who didn’t know Steve Cohen existed fifteen months ago. Any opinion they have on who will be extended or how he feels about the luxury tax is an educated guess. At best!

I will say this. In my gut. I don’t believe that our new owner wants to go at this 70 percent and then stop. I believe that once the season starts we can rest assured that we are absolutely all-in.

Buckle up!

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