The Lindor/Carrasco Trade.. Full BREAKDOWN

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After it was reported that the Mets were out on Japanese star pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano, many Met fans were crestfallen.

They were shouting “same old Mets” all over the worldwide web.

More level-headed fans would say that the Mets had completely revamped their front office. They’d remind you that the Mets had been responsible for the majority of the activity this winter.

Both sides were blown away after today’s bombshell trade.

The Indians sent Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco to the Mets for infielders Andres Gimenez and Amed Rosario, RHP Josh Wolf and outfielder Isaiah Greene.

The Mets just acquired a 27 year old switch-hitting STUD. Is he the best shortstop in baseball? I don’t know, but the newest Met is certainly in the discussion. On both sides of the ball. Gotta love it!

Lindor is a franchise player. As the Mets just dealt two major league shortstops away, extension talks should be imminent.  Lindor is a free agent after the season.

Sandy Alderson said that extending Lindor isn’t a guarantee, but that the Mets would approach Lindor in the coming weeks to make him a Met long term.

I know this is a crazy way of thinking, but in the event that the Mets are unable to lock up Lindor longterm, look at the shortstops who will be free agents next winter!

Just saying.

Since 2016, (his first full season) Lindor has been the most valuable shortstop in baseball.

Oh. Carlos Carrasco is coming to the Mets as well.

This is huge! The Mets made a tremendous upgrade at shortstop and solidified their rotation.

So let’s see who we can pencil into our rotation.

That will play! We are looking at a very formidable rotation with Syndergaard waiting in the wings.

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You gotta give to get. The Mets sent Andres Gimenez and Amed Rosario to Forest City.

Listen. I like Gimenez. He was a definite bright spot in 2020. He is a smart, capable player who has a bright future ahead of him.

But, we are getting LINDOR! I’ll drive Gimenez to the airport.

The word around baseball is that the Mets fleeced Cleveland. Call me crazy, but I like this return for the Indians. That is largely dependent on Rosario living up to his hype, but you have two players you can immediately plug into your lineup.

Again. I like Amed. I feel like we saw a glimpse of what he’s capable of the second half of 2019. But, Lindor is what we pray Rosario develops into. No Brainer!

To complete the trade, the Mets sent a pair of Brodie Van Wagenen’s second round picks to Cleveland, Josh Wolf and Isaiah Greene. Fortunately, we are getting more in return than a PED user in his late 30’s and a shaky relief pitcher.

The Mets did not include any of their top 3 prospects in this trade which is truly remarkable. Bravo!

This is an amazing feeling.

The Mets have landed Francisco Lindor and they are not done this off-season!

Same old Mets? I don’t think so.

Some other reports have come out since this trade was finalized.

Apparently,  the Mets have been in talks with the Cubs regarding Kris Bryant. They’ve discussed Kyle Seager with the Mariners.

Call me crazy,  but it doesn’t sound like J.D Davis will be our starting third baseman in 2021.

Are the Mets still in on George Springer? The Lindor acquisition certainly makes a Jackie Bradley Jr. easier to stomach, but he is clearly a downgrade from Springer.

What else do the Mets have up their sleeve?

That remains to be seen, but the Mets are going for it. And at the end of the day, that’s all the fans want.

You know what else? It’s what the players want…

We’ve written in the past how much chemistry this team has. In our opinion,  this is one of the most likable Met teams ever. Imagine how fun this is going to be when they start winning!

Will the Mets cross the luxury tax threshold? Again, this remains to be seen.

If not, they have about 28 million dollars to spend. Hey, it’s a good thing that the infielder we acquired in our last major trade got knocked for steroids. It gave us another 20 million to spend this winter!

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