Realmuto or Bust?

So, I’ve taken a look at the catchers that will be available next season.

Let’s just say it’s not good.

Here’s the list, courtesy of Spotrac.



My God in heaven.

So not only is JT Realmuto the best catcher available, he’s also the youngest.

The Mets can employ Wilson Ramos again in 2021. They have a 1.5 million dollar team option for an additional 10 million dollars. I would actually pay 10 million dollars to not have him on the team.

In a perfect world, we’d sign or acquire a stopgap, until Francisco Alvarez is ready to take the reins. It’s hard to gage when that would be as there were no minor league games for him to play in this season.

Tomás Nido? There was a crazy little 24 hour period after his 2 home run game a few weeks ago where fans were beating the drums for Tomás. But, Nido? The full time starter? I think one or two times a week is plenty.

It’s pretty apparent that the Mets don’t view Ali Sanchez as the answer. The acquisition of Robinson Chirinos yesterday made that clear.

What do we do?

JT Realmuto was born at the right time. The list of available catchers posted above has to make him smile. Some team is going to write him a blank check this off-season.

Should it be the Mets?

Make no mistake. The catcher position is historically thin right now. But Realmuto is the best catcher in the game. So how much would you be willing to pay a 30 year old backstop?

I don’t see him accepting less than nine figures. You’d have to think that, at the very least, we are talking about Joe Mauer‘s deal. Now you’re talking 23 million a year for seven years. Again, at the minimum. Mauer signed that deal in 2011.

Enter Steve Cohen.

It looks like the Mets may have the richest owner in baseball next season. (Knock on every piece of wood available.) How big of a splash will he want to make?

Will he view it as necessary? He might look at the list above and vomit at the sight of anyone besides Realmuto and James McCann.

There’s a lot of things to consider. Will Cohen actually gain control of the Mets? If yes, will he retain Brodie Van Wagenen?

One thing is for certain. The Mets will need a catcher. The way it’s looking?

Overpay for Realmuto or get creative.