Mets Hilarious Trade Deadline Recap

Most days, the Mets don’t know who their Starting Pitcher will be.

So they went out and got a relief pitcher, a backup catcher and Todd Frazier.

Let’s break it all down, shall we?

How do you like our Photoshop skills?

Over the last few days, there were a ton of rumors connecting the Mets to Boston’s catcher Christian Vazquez. Nothing materialized on that front, so we were spared from a Chaim Bloom and Brodie Van Wagenen showdown.


Mets get Robinson Chirinos and Todd Frazier.

Rangers get 2 players to be named later.

I guess Tomás Nido is out for the year? Mets down on Ali Sanchez? Robinson Chirinos is 36 years old and is batting .119 with 2 RBI over 42 at-bats. He’s a career .231 hitter. Great. Also, defensively he’s ranked 76th out of 89 catchers. Let’s just hope the players to be named later aren’t the least bit noteworthy.

Todd Frazier returns. Why?

All this is going to do is take the little bit of at-bats that were trickling down to Luis Guillorme away.

There were more than twenty better everyday third basemen than Frazier last year around the league.

Who gets the boot for Frazier?

The only thing I can possibly think is that JD Davis’ injury is worse than has been reported. Other than that, I really don’t like Frazier coming off the bench. Thumbs down.

If they didn’t give up any useful pieces, not really the end of the world. They can send these two packing at the end of the year.


Mets get Miguel Castro.

Orioles get Kevin Smith.

The Mets traded away their 2019 organizational pitcher of the year in this deal.

Is Smith the next Clayton Kershaw? Probably not. But wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure?

What a perfect year to give people an audition and get a good understanding of what you have in house.

At least Smith wasn’t traded for another fourth outfielder. If you’re going to further deplete the already non-existent starting pitching depth, at least you’re bolstering the bullpen. In theory, anyway.

Castro, who is 25 years old, has a 4.02 ERA out of Baltimore’s pen this year. He is under control through the 2022 season. He has a much improved strikeout to walk ratio this year.

Did we find someone who has turned the corner? Or is a regression coming?

This deal could wind up paying dividends for the Mets. I would have loved to see how Smith progressed though.

In total, the Mets acquired Todd Frazier, Robinson Chirinos and Miguel Castro. That’s a combined 2020 WAR of -0.3 if you’re keeping score at home.

Honestly, I’m just glad that Brodie didn’t deal any blue chip prospects.

The Mets will now need to make room for Todd Frazier, Robinson Chirinos, Ariel Jurado and Miguel Castro.

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