All-Time Mets Killer Lineup

Let’s talk about some players who make it their mission to destroy the Mets.

Not the happiest of discussion topics. But hey! Look on the bright side. Most of these players are retired!

C- Joe Torre

It hurts to put him on the list as he played for the Mets, and also served as their manager. But before that, he played 202 games against the Mets, slugging 30 home runs, while posting a .316 batting average. To really rub it in, he later sat in the dugout and reeled off World Series victory after victory with the Yankees as their manager.

1B- Willie Stargell

“Pops” made a habit of killing the Mets. Over 249 games, the Hall of Famer hit SIXTY home runs against the Amazin’s! Safe to say he made his presence known every time we travelled to the Steel City.

2B- Chase Utley

Public Enemy Number 1. How about that? The second baseman on the list took out our shortstop in a playoff game, and the catcher on the list didn’t impose any punishments. Utley terrorized the Mets long before the 2015 playoffs, however. In 194 games against the Mets, he slugged 39 home runs posting a .281 batting average. When Noah Syndergarrd threw at him it led to one of the best Baseball clips of all time! So, at least there’s that.

SS- Derek Jeter

This Hall of Fame shortstop made the most of his limited opportunities against the Mets. In 88 interleague games, Jeter posted a .364 batting average. The cherry on top? Jeter hit .409 in the 2000 World Series against the Mets, with two home runs.

3B- Chipper Jones

No real debate here. Imagine killing the Mets so badly, that you name your son Shea…

In my opinion, Jones is the ultimate Mets killer. Jones hit 49 home runs against the Mets while posting a .309 batting average. And it felt like all 265 of his hits against us were big ones.

LF- Pat Burrell

Maybe my memory is failing me. But it felt like every time there was men on base in a big spot when we were facing the Phillies, Pat Burrell was striding to the plate. And it felt like he delivered. Every. Single. Time. Burrell hit 42 home runs against the Mets. In 162 games! That’s insanity!

CF- Andruw Jones

Here’s another NL East player who would give us fits. If the 28 home runs he hit against us weren’t enough, he loved to run down every single ball the Mets hit anywhere in his general vicinity.

RF- Giancarlo Stanton

Well, he’s out of the NL East. But, my goodness. 36 HOME RUNS IN 114 GAMES against the Mets! That is unreal!

SP1- Sandy Koufax

17-2 against the Mets with a 1.44 ERA! Enough said!

SP2- Bob Gibson

We can’t take this too personally. I mean the guy dominated everyone he faced. But his 28-14 record against the Mets and his 2.57 ERA make him the second pick for starting pitcher.

SP3- Pedro Martinez

Here’s another player who joined the Mets later in his career. But before joining the team, he pitched to a 12-3 record against the Amazin’s with a 2.21 ERA.

SP4- Mike Scott

The pitcher to close out the rotation will be somebody the Mets traded away. We are going to ignore his regular season stats and focus on his 1986 NLCS stats only.
2-0. 2 complete games. 0.50 ERA! We are thankful there wasn’t a Game 7 against the Astros!


Well. How about that? Does that give you nightmares? The chills?!

Hey, at least most of them are retired!

Really quick, let’s give you the bench. At any moment, these players can come out of the dugout and give us fits.


Tony Gwynn (.356 average)
Paul DeJong (.361 9 home runs)
Barry Bonds (.285 38 home runs)
Anthony Rendon (.317 21 home runs)
Ryan Howard (48 home runs!! )
Jimmy Rollins (.279 33 home runs.)
Willie McCovey (.299 48 home runs.)
Hank Aaron (.295 45 home runs.)

And finally. The man who looks poised to grab the torch from Chipper Jones…

Freddie Freeman. 27 home runs, .307 batting average. Countless big hits.


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