Pete Alonso. New Face Of The Franchise.

The Mets have been eliminated from postseason baseball.

Despite that fact, Citi Field was packed last night. Met fans in attendance witnessed history, thanks to their rookie phenom, Pete Alonso.

The rookie phenom became the rookie home run king, breaking Aaron Judge’s record set in 2017.

A year ago to the day, Met fans watched David Wright leave the diamond for the very last time. Again, the stadium was filled, even though the team on the field had been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

Photo Credit: ADAM HUNGER | AP

Circle of life.

From where I’m sitting, Pete Alonso is the new Met captain. Furthermore, if I had to invent someone to step in David Wright’s shoes, that player would pale in comparison to Pete Alonso. I’m just not that creative.

Let’s start with his on the field accomplishments.

  • Alonso is the all time rookie home run leader. (53)
  • Alonso became one of only nine National League players to hit 53 home runs in a season.
  • Alonso is the first Met to lead the MLB in home runs for a season.
  • Alonso is the Met single season franchise leader in home runs.
  • Alonso owns the following Mets single season rookie records: hits, RBIs, runs and at bats.
  • Alonso is the Met single season franchise leader in extra base hits. (85)
  • Alonso is the Met single season franchise leader in total bases. (347)
  • Alonso is one of only six players to record 85 extra base hits in his rookie season.
  • Alonso is the Met single season franchise leader in AB’s per Home Run. (11.2)
  • Alonso has the most home runs by any Met player through their first two MLB seasons. (Alonso has played one season!)
  • Alonso was named to the NL All-Star game and won the Home Run Derby.
  • Alonso posted a WAR total of 5.1.

Come on. Even the most optimistic of Met fans couldn’t have predicted all that. Not bad for a guy who wasn’t sure he would make the opening day roster, huh?

Here is one stat I didn’t include above. Pete Alonso played in 161 games this year! This man BLEEDS blue and orange.

In his prime, David Wright was among the best players in baseball. He was also a leader. He was the captain. OUR captain. And just a year after Wright played his last game, Pete Alonso has grabbed the baton.

It’s not always easy being a fan of the New York Mets. I think the baseball gods realized that and threw us a bone. The end of David Wright’s career was tragic. Well, we’ve landed a cornerstone piece for this franchise going forward.

Pete Alonso will play most if not all of his career in Queens. There aren’t enough SNY “Trade To The Yankees?” articles in the world to turn this fan base against him.

And this fan base loves him. His sprit is infectious. His work ethic is unmatched. Remember, he was kept down in the minors last season because of concerns about his defense. He made himself into a good first baseman.

Atlanta Braves manager, Brian Snitker was in attendance last night, sitting in the opposing dugout. He had the following to say about Alonso:

“I look at that guy right there, and I see real.” “I think what you see is what you get out of that kid,” Snitker said. “There is no pretense.”

I think that’s perfect. With Pete Alonso, what you see is what you get.

And what we’ve gotten is a star.

Ladies and gentlemen, your next captain of the Mets, Pete Alonso.

Build around him and Citi Field will be packed in October and November.