Don’t Overthink It

The Wilpons are gone.

Recently, Sandy Alderson gushed over the Mets’ new and improved analytics department.

Yet, somehow we still run around screaming like the building is on fire every time the opposing team throws a left handed pitcher at us.

“It’s Opening Day!”

“It’s just one game!”

True. It is one game. Maybe we are just a little antsy, having had our 2021 debut delayed a couple of days.

But what happens if we run into a left handed pitcher in the playoffs? Do we keep Dominic Smith in a glass case? Or do we suddenly change course after 160 plus games have been played?

Kevin Pillar hitting leadoff in the Mets’ first ball game of 2021 was a head scratcher, to say the least.

Maybe, Pillar had good numbers against the Phillies’ starter, Matt Moore?

No. 1-11, 0 BB, 2 K.

Ok. But Pillar gets on base!

Hell no. Career On Base Percentage is .299.

Ok, ok! But the defense!

Pillar has posted -14 DEFENSIVE RUNS SAVED in center field the last two seasons. He might not even be playable in center anymore. 

Do other teams around the league do this? I’m genuinely curious. Do they throw their game plans out the window every time they face a lefty?

It gets worse. Just the sight of a southpaw on the mound renders Met left handed hitters completely useless, apparently.

After the Mets knocked Matt Moore out of the game in the 4th inning, they had the bases loaded against a right handed relief pitcher.

Dominic Smith time, right?!

Nope. Pillar remained in the game. He hit into an inning ending double play.

Luis. Really? That made my head hurt. Not only are you sitting one of your best hitters, you are hitting Pillar leadoff so he gets the most at-bats?!

I would bet money that Pillar isn’t on this team come October.

What is he doing in the Starting Lineup on Opening Day?

Photo Credit: USA TODAY

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