Take It Easy

Hot Stove!

Sources! Interest! Talks!

It’s a crazy time of year, that’s for sure. This time around it feels different, doesn’t it? The Mets have signed Marcus Stroman AND Trevor May. And they are still active?

What is going on?

In off-seasons past, we’d be talking ourselves into players doing one last victory lap around the league.

He was an All-Star in 2009!

As much fun as it was to trade for fourth outfielders, this is legitimate entertainment. With Steve Cohen at the helm, you genuinely feel like anything is possible.

Mets fans have been whipped into a frenzy.

I think it’s important to take a step back at this juncture. Have faith.

But Bauer! Realmuto! SPRINGER!

Again. Have faith.

We’ve seen what happens when Steve Cohen wants something. We can see that Steve Cohen wants to win. So, what’s going to happen if Sandy Alderson presents a player as a must have?

He’s not going to be outbid. Ask A-Rod.

I wouldn’t be in any rush. No rush whatsoever.

Let the market develop. Let’s see who is spending money besides the Mets. You know these owners look for any excuse to cry broke. A sixty game season with no fans in the stands? Half the league isn’t doing anything this off-season. Minimum. Quote me on that.

Trevor Bauer? Ok. Mets might have some competition there. Teams are going to need pitching. Said teams might look at the available pitchers this year and next and feel obliged to make a move.

But Realmuto? Let’s look at the teams who need a catcher. Let’s look at which of those teams are in position to shell out nine figures…

I’ll wait.


Again. Let’s take a look around the league. Who needs a shortstop? Of those teams who has the prospects to land someone like Lindor? Take it a step further. Which of those teams would be willing to offer Lindor an extension? Keep going. Say there isn’t a team willing to extend him. Who’s crazy enough to give up prospects for one year of Lindor? One year that is completely up in the air with Covid-19 hanging over the country (world) like a black cloud.

Come on.

Mets don’t need to do anything besides wait. They may be the only team shopping.