Leave The Mets Alone..Take Your White Guilt Elsewhere

Wow! What heroes!

If ever there was a cause to rally behind…

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez!

Just listen to this tale of sorrow on ESPN’s First Take!

Max Kellerman has a young daughter who needs new athletic shoes. While searching, they were unable to find any sneakers belonging to WNBA stars.

When is the last time the WNBA was covered on ESPN’s First take?

Not important!

Shouldn’t the blame lie with Kellerman’s employer? I mean, they are the Worldwide Leader In Sports…

No! Jennifer Lopez must own the team! And that’s final.

Jennifer Lopez is a woman. Jennifer Lopez is Hispanic. End of story.

We could dissect the rest of this nonsense, but let’s have Howie Rose do the honors.

The white talking heads in sports media need this. They already have #BLM in their Twitter bio. They give fist bumps to the retired defensive linemen on set with them.

And, hey. If the Mets remain a dysfunctional entity? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. More clicks. More low hanging fruit.

Because make no mistake. If Alex Rodriguez is able to operate anywhere near this team, there will be dysfunction.

But we don’t hear about that. But we do hear all about Steve Cohen’s misdeeds in the “Weekly Cohen Hit Piece.”

If you’re a white woman on Twitter about to fire off a thread detailing why the A-Rod/J-Lo consortium deserves this team, please stop for a minute. Think. Research. Is this truly what is best for the team, fan base, city and the league?

Alex Rodriguez was suspended for an entire season for cheating. While suspended, he attempted to sue Major League Baseball.

Funny how that gets omitted, isn’t it?

If Alex Rodriguez was an active player, his on-field antics would be a wet dream for “journalists” who operate within the current 24 hour sports news cycle.

But now, he’s man of the hour.

A man who cheated to earn some of the biggest contracts sports has ever seen now wants a salary cap because he wants to own a team. I get how important being woke is, but can we put things in perspective?

This is not a cause worthy of anyone’s time or energy.

Let’s rally the troops behind Serena Williams, Russell Wilson, Neymar, Larry Fitzgerald, Curtis Granderson, Dikembe Mutombo, Steph Curry or Ronaldo if they ever want to own a team.

And guess what?

I’d bet money none of the athletes listed above would stoop as low as “America’s favorite couple” have during this exhausting sale process.

Make no mistake. There is oppression and inequity in this country. There is discrimination. There is racism.

And acting like Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez deserve a baseball team because of it is doing a disservice to those actually effected by injustice.

What kind of precedent are we setting? The man lost an auction.

Representation is important. Representation is sorely lacking in major sports. With that being said, people of color don’t need a sports team to be handed to Alex Rodriguez. That’s not what is being fought for.

This is the problem with being woke. Often times, people who are the most woke never actually converse with people of color. Despite that, they eventually feel like they are the spokespeople for minorites.

In closing, every Met fan with sense wants Steve Cohen to be the next owner of the Mets. Also, Steve Cohen has a Hispanic wife. Good night.