The New Owner Of The Mets… Steve Cohen

What a long strange trip it’s been.

After a long bidding process that was at often times excruciating, Steve Cohen has reached a deal to become majority owner of the New York Mets!

Sure, he still needs to get approval (23 votes) from the existing owners this winter, but we are almost home.

If he is approved, Cohen will own 95% of the Mets. The deal values the Mets at approximately $2.475 billion.

Hey, I’m not going to lie. Having the richest owner in baseball would be very nice. But I just want competence.

Think about it.

In lieu of an analytics department, we’ve relied on the eye test of Jeff Wilpon. The same man who cost his family upwards of a quarter billion dollars throughout this sale process.

Maybe it’s asking too much to not have the team’s finances wrapped up in the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme, but at the very least, maybe we can avoid these types of headlines going forward.

Just look at it folks. Has a Mets press release ever been this beautiful to look at??

Much more on this as further details are released.

Sorry, A-Rod!