Credit Where It’s Due

What baseball team gets criticized more than the Mets?

I think the answer is “there isn’t one.”

From their reluctance to spend post-Madoff to their handling of injuries, the Mets are always under a microscope.

Some of it is warranted.

There were also media members trying to get Met fans to riot over Devin Mesoraco last spring. Beat writers and fans alike got out their torches when the Mets released Adeiny Hechavarría rather than paying him an additional million dollars, after he went 0 for his last 40 at the plate.

That’s not to say the Mets haven’t been deserving of at least a portion of the criticism thrown their way.

But tonight, I want to praise the Mets for doing the right thing. Let’s talk about our first baseman.

Pete Alonso.

The Mets’ young slugger had a rookie season for the ages, breaking both team and major league records along the way.

I feel like it’s important to remember how his rookie season began.

The Mets played Alonso at first base during spring training and then flew north with him still on the major league roster.

Remember. They didn’t play games with him. The Mets didn’t manipulate his service time for an additional year of control. Facts are facts. How many teams are doing the opposite?

Is it safe to say Kris Bryant wasn’t happy with the Cubs handling of his call up? Is it safe to say he still harbors some ill will over it?

Today, the Mets agreed to contracts with all 21 of their pre-arbitration players. The team put a little something extra inside Alonso’s envelope. His salary, per a source is now $652,521.

That amount is a record for a player coming off their rookie season. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not an astronomical raise, but it goes a long way.

Alonso said, “we got a number and I was shocked and thrilled.”

Sounds to me like our young star is happy to be playing in Queens.

For the record, I want the Mets to be sold as soon as possible. I’m ecstatic over the prospects of the team getting new owners.

But let’s give credit where it’s due. The Mets got this one right.

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