Unsung Heroes Part 1: Justin Wilson

Let’s be honest here, when it comes to the 2019 Mets Bullpen. WE ALL CRINGE!

Let’s focus on the positives though. Seth Lugo was sensational in 2019. But there was another dependable option that flew under the radar last season. That’s right, Justin Wilson. The lefty who the Mets signed last winter for 2 years $10 Million.

What makes Justin Wilson so valuable?

1. His Contract. What a Bargain!
2. He gets both Lefties and Righties Out!

The new MLB three-batter minimum rule will require pitchers to face at least three hitters or pitch to the end of a half-inning before a pitching change can be made.

Wilson isn’t your typical LOOGY though.

In 2019, Lefties batted .217 and Righties batted .232 against Wilson. What’s interesting about those averages is that Wilson pitched 26.1 innings vs Righties and 12.2 innings vs Lefties last season. That is major with the new Rule change!

Late in games where Wilson will see most of his opportunities, opponents can separate their Left-handed and Right-handed hitters. We have a pitcher that can be trusted to get both out effectively. Justin Wilson has become as valuable as Lugo, Díaz, and Betances. He will be the first option deployed to face the Freddie Freemans, And Bryce Harpers in the world and we do not have to worry if there is a Right handed bat in front or behind the big Sluggers! This guy might be the GLUE to hold our bullpen together, and the Key for a DOMINANT 2020 pen.

Pre-All Star Break, Wilson hit the Injured List and only made 12 appearances with a pedestrian ERA of 4.22. Post- All Star Break when he was injury-free, he posted a stellar 1.91 era including a near perfect August with a superhuman era of 0.79 and a 2-0 Record in 13 appearances.

With all this said, This Bullpen has the makings to be the among the Best in Baseball….. Knocking on Wood!

Next Week on Unsung Hero: The Rollercoaster Ride that is Dom Smith.