Port St.Lucie- Led by Executive Director Tony Clark, the union spoke to the Mets for about 90 Minutes before the team Work Out. Discussions centered on the aftermath from one of baseball’s biggest scandals. The biggest question was how can we prevent this from happening again??? Players all gave their opinions and also discussed the current in-game technology.

“The attitude became unified by the end,” Conforto said. “We don’t want to go back too far in terms of technology. We think that the line is pretty clear, the live feeds. There is no reason for them, aside from the replay guys.”

MLB and the Union will get together this week to discuss the in-game technology inside the dugouts. Is it too much? How much will they limit? Right now we do not know the answers.

The AMAZINS’ were the 1st team out of 30 visited by the MLBPA this year… The Union is searching for answers, we hope they find it fast.

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