Edwin Diaz Still A Respected Reliever

It was no surprise to see Jacob deGrom sitting atop MLB Network’s best starting pitcher list.

Edwin Diaz? Well, that’s another story.

Yet, even after a disastrous 2019 campaign, the MLB Network still thinks highly of the young right-hander.

Diaz was the best relief pitcher in baseball in 2018. All things considered? In 2019, he may have been the worst.

We know that for the Mets to compete in 2020, Diaz needs to be the pitcher he was in Seattle. This list, while not promising any future success, is a nice reminder of how talented Diaz is.

30 teams all employ a host of relief pitchers. For analysts to include Diaz in their top ten after his 2019 struggles is pretty remarkable.

Let’s rally behind him, Mets fans. Because if he warrants his inclusion on this list, 2020 could be a lot of fun!