Cespedes Chooses To Stay Quiet

If you were waiting for a Yoenis Céspedes quote this morning, you’re going to be disappointed.

Céspedes was approached by reporters at his locker this morning, but the outfielder was not in the mood to talk.

“Not today, not tomorrow, not at all this year,” he said.


“Because I don’t want to,” he responded.

Local sports talk radio already has it’s hooks in this “story.” It won’t be hard to whip fans up into a frenzy as Céspedes is already a polarizing character.

I’m hoping that Céspedes can contribute this year. He’s training with his teammates for the first time in more than a year, and is scheduled to take live batting practice today.

Furthermore, I hope that the media will report on how he looks running and throwing. I’m interested to see how he looks facing live pitching.

I don’t care that he didn’t want to speak to the media today. Would it make you happier if he sat there and gave two minutes of non-answers like Jed Lowrie yesterday?

Someone on the Mets will talk to him. He does, after all, have an obligation as a player to talk to the press.

I want Céspedes to do his talking on the field. If he can’t do that, then does any of this matter anyway?

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