Marcell Ozuna Returns To The NL East

Guess who’s back?

We did get to say goodbye to Anthony Rendon and Josh Donaldson this off-season, as they left the NL East for Anaheim and Minnesota, respectively. But tonight, we welcome back an old foe.

Marcell Ozuna and the Atlanta Braves have agreed on a one year, 18 million dollar contract.

Last winter, the Braves signed the aforementioned Josh Donaldson to a one year, 23 million dollar deal.

Can I just say… These deals are genius!

Honestly. Hate to praise the Braves, but credit where it’s due. These are pricey, risky investments, but it’s one year. If things go south, you’re not spending the next half decade regretting the signing.

Will Ozuna match the 6 WAR Donaldson put up last year? Doubtful. But it certainly bolsters Atlanta’s lineup.

In 2017, Ozuna absolutely slaughtered the Mets. He’s been average aside from that season against us, but he’s still on the list of “players that scare me more than Bryce Harper.”

Still, all in all, the Braves added a major piece.

After losing Beltran to a cheating scandal they had no part in, the Mets may be tempted to steal the back page. This Ozuna signing might push them in that direction even more.

Let me be the first to say… Thanks but no thanks Brodie. We’ve seen you get creative before.