Off-season May Be Over… And I’m Fine With That

Maybe you could make an argument that Jake Marisnick is an upgrade over Juan Lagares.

Other than that, you couldn’t say the Mets upgraded any aspect of their roster with a straight face.

They finished in third place last season and haven’t improved any facet of their team.

And you know what? I couldn’t be happier!

How could those quotes make me happy?

Well, first things first. Can we just talk about our GM’s first quote. He’s an educated man. I think it’s a little strange he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “addition.” But Brodie. By definition, Lugo and Gsellman CANNOT be additions as they were on the team last year.

I mean, if that’s the case…

The Mets are adding Jacob deGrom to the starting rotation!


We all know this is nonsense. But let’s just break down Brodie’s second quote for fun.

The fact that our decision to close up shop this off-season happens to coincide with the team reaching the luxury tax threshold is nothing but a coincidence!!

I want to be clear. In no way, shape or form has this been a good off-season. I’m just happy they are quitting (they aren’t ahead) before they truly make a mess.

And just so you know I’m still on planet Earth, this off-season has been laughably bad. But, if you let Brodie get creative, it could get REALLY bad.

I didn’t ask for much going into this winter. Zack Wheeler. Dellin Betances.

The leaks started pretty early. The Mets would be attempting to sell off their cadavers (Familia, Lowrie) for salary relief. They might look to attach Dom Smith or JD Davis to make the package more attractive to prospective buyers.

Yeah, you think? I’m surprised teams aren’t knocking down the door for a 37 year old who had 8 at bats last year.

Smith and Davis are valuable pieces. I’m glad we haven’t traded them simply to clean up Brodie’s 2019 mistakes. And that’s kinda where I’m at regarding this off-season going forward.

Sure, following an 86 win season, I wanted my team to improve in and ultimately contend in 2020. But if this team refuses to cross the Luxury Tax threshold, I don’t trust them to use prospects as capital.

AGAIN. This off-season was an insult to the fanbase. I mean, our GM listed players already on the team as additions!

It hurt that Wheeler and Betances became pipe dreams before the Winter Meetings. I dream of watching my team play in the fall. But another Canó sized splash might hurt even more.

Read that quote and try to digest it without vomiting. By trying to spin their decision to not spend money, they’ve essentially said they don’t trust themselves to acquire relievers.

And we trust them to gut an already thin farm system?

I have one more quote for you.

That’s what Brodie said last year shortly after being hired.

Guess what? The upcoming season, according to Brodie, is reliant upon bounce back years from Familia, Diaz, Wacha and Porcello.

What a joke. But I’m only laughing so I don’t cry.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, this has been a FANTASTIC off-season. Steve Cohen had laid down the groundwork to wrestle control of the team away from the Wilpons.

Personally, I’m happy to hope for a miracle in 2020 with our farm and core intact. And then Uncle Stevie can take over.

Cohen’s first order of business? Have Van Wagenen explain these quotes.