Brandon Nimmo is NOT a 4th Outfielder

2018 was a rough season, but did we totally tune it out?

I know. José Bautista, Adrian Gonzalez and José Reyes weren’t exactly must-see TV. I can’t blame anyone for choosing to enjoy their summer that season, but let me fill you in on what you may have missed.

In his first full season, Brandon Nimmo was fantastic in 2018.

  • 4.4 WAR
  • .404 On Base Percentage
  • .483 SLG
  • .886 OPS
  • 17 HRS

That’s all from the leadoff spot! What are we looking for from a leadoff guy here people? Sure, it would be nice to get 70 stolen bases, but I don’t see a bunch of prime José Reyes’ running around the league. Do you?

Personally? What I’m looking for out of my leadoff guy is as follows:

  • Gives you a good at-bat. (Works the count.)
  • Gets on base.

His 80 walks ranked top twenty in the league.

His .404 OBP ranked top FIVE! Seriously. Only Trout, Betts and Votto finished above him.

Are we really going to cry about his .260 batting average?

Since the start of 2017, Nimmo’s .391 on-base percentage ranks ninth among all qualified MLB hitters.

4th outfielder? I’m giving you a guy who, out of the leadoff spot, hits 17 home runs and gets on base with the best hitters in the league.

And your first thought is, “well maybe he can come off the bench, pinch hit a little bit.”

At least follow through with that argument, I guess. I’ve  actually been told that I only like Nimmo because “he smiles” or because he “runs fast to first base.”

Mets fans. Gotta love ’em.

We live in a what have you done for me lately town. I get it. But how is JD Davis a conquering hero, and Brandon Nimmo is public enemy number one?

Brandon Nimmo had an injury last year which prevented him from turning his neck. You would have thought that the guy burned down Citi Field.

When Brandon Nimmo returned on September 1st, he went right back to doing what he does best. Over the last month of the season he put together an impressive slash line of .261/.430/.565. Five home runs. 20 walks.

But just like 2018, it seems like a lot of fans have forgotten about September of 2019.

Is there evidence he’s peaked? Is the writing on the wall that he’s due for a decline?

Why are we running Brandon Nimmo out of town? And more importantly, why are we exiling him for Starling Marte?

I’ll give you analytics guys a stat before I get out of here.

Brandon Nimmo in 2018 had a 149 wRC+.

Pete Alonso in 2019 had a 143 wRC+.

See you next time!

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