Our Next Bench Coach

As the off-season is officially underway, I have a few thoughts on our next Bench coach.

Here’s my first thought…


The bullpen needs a massive overhaul. We need a center fielder. We need a backup catcher.

Oh, and if you weren’t aware, Zack Wheeler declined the Met qualifying offer today which officially makes him a free agent. So, yeah, we need a starting pitcher.

It was a really cute process selecting our manager. We had the five rounds of interviews, we had the secret candidates, even a BOMBSHELL CANDIDATE! We should have had everyone vying for the job competing in challenges. They could have been given roses and eliminated one by one. Televise that and you’ve got a hit show SNY.

Do we have to go through the same process with the bench coach? Oh he’s not experienced enough. Oh he’s managed before. Oh he has a relationship with Beltran.

I truly could not give a shit.

We won 86 games with Mickey Callaway last year. His bench coach was Jim Riggleman. Honestly, I can’t even say for sure if Riggleman showed up to any of the games last year. 86 games with Mickey Callaway! Can we build around this core?

Oh, guess what?

After the bench coach, we have to pick a pitching coach!

Listen, I know we are all starved for baseball in the winter. We want to talk Mets as the temperatures start to drop. Try not to feed into it.

The Mets have not made the playoffs in three years. They are the first team in baseball history with a home run king and Cy Young award winner on the roster to not make the playoffs.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think they deserve the back page for giving Chili Davis a multi-year deal.