We Ain’t Scared Of No Bryce

Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper. BRYCE HARPER.

How many times did you hear that name this offseason?

It’s not like we needed an introduction to the man either. Met fans are well acquainted with the right fielder who made his debut with the Washington Nationals at age 19.

And after signing a 13 year deal (yikes) with the Philadelphia Phillies, it’s very likely that Harper will spend his entire career in the NL East.

Harper has played 125 games against the Mets thus far. He owns a .267/.371/.493 slash line against the Amazin’s with 25 homeruns. Respectable for sure.

Does he strike fear in your heart, though? Has he ever had a big hit against the Mets? I’m sure he has. 

But, here’s the thing. I honestly can’t remember it. I would wager confidently that 15 of his 25 homeruns against the Mets were in “garbage time.”

For what it’s worth, Bryce Harper has the talent to make me eat my words. But, until that happens, here’s a list of players (past and present) who scare me WAY MORE than Bryce Harper.

These players will be listed in no particular order. This list will be made up of players who I personally watched terrorize the Mets. So, there will be Mets killers before my time who aren’t mentioned.

And of course…