Summer Isn’t Over Yet


There have been at least a dozen losses this season in which everyone declared the season to be over after the final pitch.

The sweep in Miami. The Atlanta and Chicago sweeps in Queens. The extra inning games in San Francisco. The Callaway meltdown in Chicago. The bullpen meltdowns in Philadelphia. The inconceivably horrific collapse in Washington.

The list goes on and on.

Remarkably, the Mets bounced back after all of these stomach punch losses. To that end, it’s even more remarkable that these games listed above even mattered at all. Remember, the Mets were 11 games under .500 at one point this season. Against all odds,  they clawed their way back into relevancy in 2019.

There’s a couple different ways of looking at it.

A lesser team would have folded after losing those games. 


A better team wouldn’t have lost those games to begin with. 

I mean, both statements can be true. But, I’m choosing to rock with the former. You can’t deny how resilient this team is.

We all know this team is flawed.

The Met bullpen ranks 27th in the league. To put that in perspective, the Miami Marlins rank 26th. The closer for whom they traded 2 first round picks can’t even be trusted in mop up duty.

The Mets rank 28th in defensive runs saved, which puts them ahead of only Baltimore and Seattle. Mickey Callaway, the second year manager is still clearly trying to learn on the job.

Let’s just say the deck is stacked against this team. Which is what makes what they’ve done since the All-Star break so impressive.

They’ve given us meaningful games to watch late into the season. We haven’t had to focus on our GM throwing chairs, Callaway’s double switches, or any of the other daily dysfunction this team provides.

Yesterday was a perfect example. The Mets rallied for four ninth inning runs to win the game and the series on the road in Colorado. Instead of having to listen to Syndergaard-Ramos debates all night, we were afforded the privilege of scoreboard watching with a victory in our back pocket. (The Cubs, Brewers and Nationals all lost yesterday, leaving the Mets 3 games out of a wildcard spot.)

The time will come for these conversations. They are inevitable. For example, say the Mets do land a playoff spot. For arguments sake, say the Met starter only goes five innings. Lugo and Wilson are inserted into the game, preserving a Mets victory. What reliever do you go to the following game if Lugo and Wilson are unavailable. There are areas that need to be addressed. Aggressively, I may add.

But, for now? I’m just enjoying the ride.

Last night, I had to throw on a sweater when I stepped out of the house. The Mets have 2 teams in front of them for the second wildcard spot, with only 10 games remaining in the season.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the summer isn’t over yet!