Patrick Corbin Comes To The NL East

The NL East should be a lot of fun this summer. Unless, of course, you’re a fan of the Miami Marlins.

After the Philadelphia Phillies acquired Jean Segura from the Seattle Mariners, the Washington Nationals made news of their own, signing starting pitcher Patrick Corbin.

The deal with the Nationals is for six years and $140 million. Washington is now heavily invested in their starting rotation. Factor in the money owed to Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg, and you’re talking more than a half billion dollars!

The move cost Washington more than just money however. The Nationals exceeded the luxury tax in 2018, so their penalties for signing Corbin are:

Loss of 2nd “highest” pick.
Loss of 5th “highest” pick.
$1,000,000 from their 2019-2020 IFA Signing Bonus Pool. Wow.

Philadelphia was rumored to be very interested in Patrick Corbin. They’ve been talking Machado and Harper too however, so it could still be a wild winter in the East!