Offense For DeGrom? -June 20, 2018-


DeGrom was fantastic. As usual.

And on one glorious night, the Mets’ offense decided to join him. Who would have thought? You put a couple runs together for a guy who gives up a run or less every time he pitches and you’ll win the game.

The game couldn’t have gotten off to a more exciting start. Fresh off his 9th inning heroics the night before, Brandon Nimmo led off the game with an IN THE PARK homerun. 1-0 and the Mets never looked back.

As stated Jacob deGrom was brilliant once again. He went 8 innings, allowing just one earned run on 5 hits. He walked one and struck out 7. His ERA sits at a sparkling 1.51 on the season.

For once we don’t need to talk about the lack of offense during a deGrom start. Actually, here’s one stat I have to share. The Mets scored more runs tonight than they had in Jacob’s 8 previous starts combined! That is absolutely insane. The 12 runs they scored felt like a month’s worth, and the Mets have a modest 3 game win streak.

Nimmo, who started the game off with a bang, and then a sprint, hit a more conventional homerun in the 7th. Nimmo went 4-6 with a career high 4 RBIs. Have a night, Brandon!

More good signs from Michael Conforto. He had 3 hits including 2 doubles. Now can you put him in the 3 hole and leave him there?

3 hits from Rosario. 2 hits from Cabrera. They both had a ton of strikeouts, but good to see multi-hit games from them.

Has the offense turned a corner? Certainly seems like it. We are in Coors Field though, so I’ll curb my enthusiasm. A little bit. Tonight felt good. Watching this team these past 2 months was like Chinese water torture.

So, the Mets have a 3 game winning streak. Jason Vargas pitches tomorrow though. Say a prayer.