Friday, June 22nd


Hello, friends.

So, we are gonna be changing things up a little bit. Instead of doing game recaps everyday, I’m just going to operate this site more like a blog. I’ll still discuss the games, (obviously) but it’ll just be done in a more conversational manner.

Here we go.

The Mets return home after a 3-7 road trip. It was very frustrating to say the least. There were some positives however.

The offense woke up! Not going to jump out the window just yet, because the offense was nonexistent in Atlanta, and for most of the Arizona series. Hitting in Colorado isn’t exactly something to hang your hat on, but there were some very positive developments.

Dominic Smith
-9 games, .310/.333/.586, 3 2B, 3B, HR
Amed Rosario
-9 games, .281/.281/.469, 3 2B, HR
Brandon Nimmo
-10 games, .318/.362/.636, 2 2B, 4 HR, 10 RBI
Michael Conforto
-10 games, .314/.444/.571, 3 2B, 2 HR, 7 RBI

If you are going to identify “core” players on this team, you’ll most likely name the four players listed above. We’ve seen what Conforto is capable of, so hopefully his early season struggles can be attributed to his injury and lack of spring training.

How about Brandon Nimmo though? He’s finally reached the minimum at bats for eligibility on the league leader lists. Brandon Nimmo is sixth in the majors with his .403 on base percentage. He is 7th in the majors with his .977 OPS.

Very impressive, but you can’t quantify what he means to this team. Nimmo is one hundred percent max effort on every single play, and it is SO refreshing to see.

Dominic Smith worried a lot of fans with his lack of power in Vegas this year. Well, he’s come back up to the big team with a new slender frame, and has been hitting. Great to see.

You know what is NOT great to see? Dominic Smith in the outfield. Why must we have a ridiculous experiment like this every season?

Amed Rosario. I remember Mickey laying out all the reasons why he loved Rosario in the 9 hole. What changed? Speaking of lineups, can we put Conforto somewhere and leave him there?

Jose Bautista is getting on base at an alarming rate. It seems like he’s walking a few times every game.

That’s it. They went 3-7, so can’t really praise them too much. Jacob deGrom has continued to be brilliant. Other than that? Looks like another lost season for the Mets. They have lost 32 of 46 games. You know what’s really frustrating? Aside from Jason Vargas starts, the Mets really have been in every single game.

How frustrating is it to watch a game played in Coors Field, by the way? Torture. I thought Keith Hernandez was going to lose it.

The Mets return home to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. New York has lost 9 straight to the Dodgers, so there’s that. But, before we get into that…some BIG news today.

Sandy Anderson held his press conference today, which he holds prior to every home stand. It was filled with more of the same nonsense. No timetable for Cespedes. Jose Reyes is valuable. Etc etc.. But…


I never thought I’d see the day, but Hansel Robles has been designated for assignment. Hey, if he goes somewhere else and has success, so be it. I’ll take that on the chin. We gave this guy a million chances. So long. Farewell.

Sandy also said.that the Mets will wait until closer to the deadline to decide whether to buy or sell. Jacob deGrom is virtually untouchable, and they’d need to be blown away to move Syndergaard. Good.

Zack Wheeler will pitch the opener against Alex Wood. Saturday will feature Jacob deGrom against Clayton Kershaw. So that will be fun until deGrom leaves the game.

See you tomorrow.