Anthony Swarzak Placed On DL; Guess Who The Mets Called Up

This is a picture of Hansel Robles pointing to the sky.

Some pitchers do this to alert the fielders behind them that a pitch has been popped up. Robles does this to let the fans sitting behind the left field wall that a souvenir is coming their way.

Anthony Swarzak, the Mets only major league relief pitching acquisition, was placed on the 10 day DL today.

I repeat.

Anthony Swarzak was the only major league relief pitcher the Mets signed this off-season. 3 days into the season, Anthony Swarzak is on the DL. 

“Call up Hansel Robles.”

Those words came out of somebody’s mouth. Somebody in a position of power. Somebody who is trusted and relied upon to make these kinds of decisions.


What has he shown? Was he not just sent down at the end of Spring Training? He gave up hits, runs and walks in every appearance this spring. Were these last ten days the answer? All he needed was a little bit of time away to get his act together?

I cannot wrap my head around this. After rewarding deserving players all spring, the Mets pull this move out of their hat.

So congrats to Philip Evans and Jacob Rhame. You guys really earned it.

Congrats to Hansel Robles. You’re…I don’t know. You’ve been up with the Mets before? You know the way to the ballpark? You’re familiar with the clubhouse? Just in time for the Nationals series too. Fantastic.

Is that the state of the Mets organizational pitching depth? One guy goes down and Robles is the first man up?

Please come back soon Swarzak. Please come back soon Vargas.