Oh, Zack..

On Saturday, the Mets announced that they would be sending Zack Wheeler down to Las Vegas.

Well, that’s embarrassing. Just a few days ago, I fired off an entire article expressing my excitement over the “5 aces” finally pitching in the same rotation together.

After an up and down spring, a decent start against the Nationals last Wednesday probably would have for all intents and purposes given Wheeler the final rotation spot.

Instead, Zack Wheeler is headed to Sin City and Seth Lugo snatched up a rotation slot, presumably until Jason Vargas returns.

I can’t lie. I was a little disappointed. But at the same time I’m impressed with the way the Mets are running things. Wheeler didn’t perform. He was sent down. Robles didn’t perform. He was sent down. Seth Lugo pitched well. He was rewarded.

Hopefully Wheeler can find himself. He had a very long layoff after Tommy John surgery and had a very uneven 2017 season. It was reported he was receiving injections to strengthen his bones which is a very disconcerting thing to hear as a fan.

Maybe I’m just a dreamer. Just the thought of the five boys finally pitching together makes me giddy. But I think reality is finally setting in for me. At the end of day I’m happy we are moving forward with the most deserving players.

Good luck Zack.