Adam Lind


Adam Lind was released from his minor league contract by the Yankees on Wednesday.

You may be asking yourself, “what does that have to do with the Mets?” A lot, apparently.

Seconds after that news was announced, Mets fans appeared in droves, clamoring for the Mets to sign him. 

Is this what we have been reduced to as Mets fans? Listen. Adam Lind had a very good 2017. But at the end of the day, he was a part time first baseman for the Nationals. He was signed this season to a minor league deal by the Yankees and released shortly thereafter.

Just the optics alone should put things into perspective. Lind is a player who played last year when our main rival’s first baseman needed a day off. Our crosstown rival signed him to a minor league deal and cut him after two weeks.

METS FANS: “Let’s get him!”

Come on.

He may be better than Adrian Gonzalez in 2018 should not be a reason to acquire a player. Especially not for a team that is supposedly trying to contend.

I’m not happy with Adrian Gonzalez at first base by the way. No matter how many advanced sabermetric mentoring stats you throw at me I believe that experiment is destined to fail.

Not the point. Well, maybe that is the point. Signing a player on the decline because he is cheap and the fans buy into it because they believe that a man who went to Europe while his team was in the World Series is going to be a mentor.

We deserve better. We are fans of a team in the biggest market in America. There is no reason we should be praying for Adam Lind right now.