Number One Pick Mark Appel “Steps Away” From Baseball

Former number one pick, Mark Appel has decided to step away from baseball.

Here’s what Appel had to say.

“I’m 26, I have a Stanford degree, I have many interests beyond baseball, which I still love, but I have a lot of things I care about,” Appel tells Lee. “I enjoy challenging my mind. My last four years in baseball have challenged my mind.”

Well. I mean, he didn’t say he was retiring, but I think it’s safe to drop him from your fantasy lineups.

The Houston Astros made Mark Appel their number one pick in 2013, then later traded him to the Phillies, in a deal that included Ken Giles. These things happen. Players don’t always pan out. What makes this turn of events interesting is who the Astros could have picked.

In 2013, the Chicago Cubs selected third baseman, Kris Bryant with the second overall pick.

One pick after Mark Appel.

Could you imagine Kris Bryant in that Houston Astros lineup?