Mets Sign Jose Reyes….In 2018

I mean…I guess?
Technically, this is news.                                                                                                                       
The Mets sign Jose Reyes to a 1 year deal. The deal is worth 2 Million Dollars and there are certain incentives.

Here’s what Al Pacino thinks of 2 Mill.

Is this news ?
We all knew this was going to happen.
I’m just hoping that this isn’t the final move they make this offseason.

Honestly though?

The Mets prefer Asdrubal Cabrera to remain at Third Base.
So, the names being tossed around to fill our Second Base hole are Neil Walker and Eduardo Nunez.

I’m going to keep this short before I turn into the “Jose Reyes is a virus” guy I’m sure you’ve seen making his rounds all over the internet.

But, really?

Jose Reyes was a -0.6 WAR player last year and cannot play any of the infield positions we would need him to play this year.

Right now, as I’m writing this, the Milwaukee Brewers are going all in.

The Brewers just traded 4 prospects, including Lewis Brinson, to the Marlins for Christian Yelich.
Milwaukee also just landed Lorenzo Cain.

I’m gonna try out this new Tide pod recipe.