Mets Sign Adrian Gonzalez…In 2018

What a fitting picture we have here.
October baseball.
Every kid who has ever had a bat and glove has dreamt of playing baseball in October.

Imagine being in the twilight of your career. You are watching a rookie phenom who plays the same position as you do, tearing up the league while you nurse your injuries on the Disabled List? That has to be pure torture. 

Take it a step further. Imagine the team for which you were the star player for years left you off of the playoff roster? 

All jokes aside..That is heartbreaking. 

Adrian Gonzalez who had been battling back injuries all year, was left off the playoff roster by the Dodgers in favor of rookie Cody Bellinger..(And the corpse of Chase Utley.) Adrian Gonzalez decided to take a vacation in Europe instead of remaining with his team during the World Series.

You can rationalize that if you want. I won’t argue with you. I definitely won’t agree with you, but go ahead. Adrian must have felt like Bart Simpson in the treehouse when that little girl ripped his heart out of his chest.

I will argue with you if you try and tell me that Adrian Gonzalez was signed by the Mets to be a “mentor” to Dominic Smith.

Where the hell is this propaganda coming from?

I’ve seen a thousand people say it in the 24 hours since the deal was announced. 

A mentor?
Adrian Gonzalez is a good clubhouse guy now?
On January 13th, Adrian Gonzalez was signed by the New York Mets. Gonzalez is owed 21,500,000 for the upcoming season. The Mets will pay him the league minimum. The Atlanta Braves, who released Gonzalez as soon as they got him, will pay the remainder of his salary.
The Mets are hoping to strike lightning in a bottle. Gonzalez isn’t here to mentor Smith. He is here because he’s cheap and he used to be good.