Farewell Chief Wahoo

On Monday, Major League Baseball announced that the Cleveland Indians will no longer use the Chief Wahoo logo on their uniforms as of 2019, ending a debate that has raged on for decades.

Walter Goldbach, who designed the logo in 1947, passed away last month at 88 years old.

Goldbach expressed regret that the logo he created was viewed as racist to some. Goldbach, in April, said, “You look at Chief Wahoo and all he wants to tell you is, ‘Come on, let’s win a few games. I’ve got a smile on my face.’ That’s the way I see him.”

Oh, Walter.

That logo is incredibly racist!

Native American groups have been protesting the usage of this logo since the 1970’s.

As evidenced by this video below, many Cleveland Indians fans are not going to take this news very well.

Gun to my head?
I like the logo.

I’m not Native American though.

If your logo makes that many people upset or uncomfortable?
Maybe you should change it.

I also have an idea for the Cleveland fans who are all worked up about Chief Wahoo.
Take all that energy and focus it on something positive.
Indians were in the World Series in 2016, yet finished in the bottom third in league attendance the following season.
The stadium (which is beautiful by the way) looked half empty every time it was shown during the Indians’ historic winning streak.

Let the logo die.
Get out to the ballpark.