This Is A Positive Mets Post

The life we chose.

Being a Mets fan isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite. This off-season, it’s hard to move two feet without bumping into some Metropolitan news that makes you want to throw whatever device you’re reading said news on out the window.

Let’s talk ourselves into this 2018 season. What do you say? LGM. Ya’ gotta believe and all that.

The best outfield in baseball has left the NL East and gone to New York, St. Louis and Milwaukee, respectively. We face Ozuna, Yelich and especially Stanton much less often? That’s a win right there. The Marlins, for all intents and purposes, have been stripped completely bare. The Phillies and Braves are still rebuilding. We can feast on 3/5ths of our division.

I love the energy and enthusiasm our new manager, Mickey Callaway brings. Our pitchers should benefit from the tutelage our new pitching coach, Dave Eiland will provide.

While we’re on the topic of pitching, there’s obviously no place to go but up. Last year was atrocious on the pitching front, but there’s reason to believe we’ll rebound in a big way. I trust that Syndergaard has learned that his off-season workout routine last year was a mistake. I truly believe that Steven Matz will finally enter this season fully healthy, and he’ll be great. Following an up and down 2017, I think Zack Wheeler will rebound in a big way. While it’s hard to jump out the window with Matt Harvey, Callaway seems convinced of Harvey’s return to success. Quote me on this. DEGROM, SYNDERGAARD, MATZ, WHEELER AND HARVEY WILL PITCH BACK TO BACK IN 2018.

A full year of Jeurys Familia and A.J Ramos should help to fortify the bullpen. The bullpen won’t be stretched as thin as it was in 2017, allowing Jerry Blevins to return to his lefty specialist role. Hopefully, we hitched our wagon to the Anthony Swarzak horse at the right time. He was great last year, and with any luck the good times will keep rolling. Maybe one or two of the arms we got in our trade deadline deals will pay dividends as well.

After a strong finish to the 2017 season, there’s reason to believe our catching platoon of Travis d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki could become a force in 2018.  We are talking about two highly touted prospects; (d’Arnaud was traded for 2 Cy Young Award winners) why can’t they be late bloomers?

We have last years #1 Prospect in all of baseball, Amed Rosario ready to man shortstop for us.

Michael Conforto will miss the beginning of the 2018 season. Obviously, the sooner he returns the better. I truly believe however, that we will get more production than expected from our center field platoon. (Juan Lagares and Brandon Nimmo.) Let’s hope our new training staff can keep Yoenis Cespedes healthy (and hydrated.) If Cespedes stays on the field, why wouldn’t he have a monster year? Jay Bruce‘s presence in the middle of the lineup should help with that.

Let’s look at the Adrian Gonzalez acquisition in a positive light. Adrian Gonzalez had one bad year in his entire career. That year was last year, and injuries can take most of the blame for that. Gonzalez should be motivated to earn himself another payday and we’ll gladly reap the benefits. If the Gonzalez experiment doesn’t work out, we have only invested the league minimum in it. Also, this whole off-season should have given Dominic Smith all the motivation he needs to prove the naysayers wrong. (SORRY. Still not buying the mentor nonsense.)

We could be alright.

Who would you want on the mound besides Syndergaard or Degrom in a big game? What team has higher upside potential from the rest of their pitching staff?

It really feels nice to be positive once in a while.

I still can’t talk myself into Asdrubal Cabrera at third base or the return of Jose Reyes though. Sorry. Well, wait. I mean, Jose Reyes’ second half was actually…..

I tried. Can’t do it.

Still. There’s reason to be optimistic.


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  1. Its just so hard… I went to spring training and we made it to the world series. I was ready for some good years of competitive October baseball. I can visit the stadium a bunch of times in a season to see a good product, get excited about new mets gear and such… ❎ WRONG!, God awful 2017 season, and now im just waiting for what inevitably feels like the 2nd coming of “Generation K” to pass.

  2. The pitching, the pitching, the pitching. Could be, should be, needs to be better/healthy.

    Agreed about CF, and willing to give the catching tandem one more year.

    Agree on Cabrera too. Hoping Flores can find 500 AB’s.

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